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Mad Making Cars

Mad Making Cars
Cars have always made an impact in our lives, may it be going on a highway or going in the wilderness or in the desert. They have made us to conquer the Darrean cliff, rumble the sahara and to win the north pole. They were always with us, may it be the bitter cold of the arctic or on the hottest deserts. Cars were with us even when our closest were not with us( in the moon expedition ). Cars have become such a part of our life that it seems alive to us and we love it as our dear ones, therefore we love to take it to our friends, relatives and to everyone we know or don't.Cars in today sense are not only a mode of transportation but are a ....................what to say.............. hummmmm a passion or a desire. Cars have always been used to show the status, it shows your position in the society. And not only that it also is greately used by the couples or romance loving people. People love to go for a ride with their loved ones.It not only shows your status but also reflects your personality, your mood and your thinkings. For example a black mercedes Benz would tell other people about your success in life, a porche 911 turbo reflects about your power and a Rolls Royce Phantom2006 says about your authority and control over others. In general words it is YOU in the form of a MACHINE.Though, there are many cars in the world but only some of them have the capability to qualify for the race and amongst them only a few really can make you mad.So, as a car enthuasists which is the most desired car of yours and, of the majority of the world car lovers. Yes, It's the Great Giant FERRARI. Everyone who has the capacity, owns one and everyone who can't owe, dream about it everyday. So, isn't the great moment for a company who has such a number of fans like you around the world to celebrate it's 60th anniversary in 2007 in it's history of sports car manufacturing, therefore to celebrate it organised a rally(Ferrari 60 Relay) around the world in which all models of ferrari are participating. the rally is scheduled to start from Abu Dhabi on 28th Jan and end on Maranello on 25th June.lets look some of the cars of The most LOVED and DESIRED CAR Company FERRARI.The car is the flagship model and was launched in 2002 and the production ended in 2004. Only a mere 400 cars have been made and this car costs US$643,330. And the last car was costing a mere US$1,279,229. And the amazing point is that all the cars were sold before the Production began in 2004.In only one year, in 2004 Sports Car International gave the Car the third position on their list of Top Sports Cars of the 2000s.Motor Trend Classic named the Enzo as number four in their list of the ten "Greatest Ferraris of alltime".By this time, you could have guessed of whome I am talking aboout.Yes, Its the Enzo Ferrari
Enzo Ferrari
Production2002-2004400 Produced
ClassSuper Class/Ultra Class
Body StyleBerlinetta
engine6.0L V12
Transmission6-speed semi-automatic transmission
wheelbase2650mm(104.3 in)
Length4072mm(185 in)
width2035 mm (80 in)
height1147 mm (45 in)
Curb Weight1365 kg (3000 lb)
similarMaserati MC12Ferrari FXX

The enzo Ferrari is a 12 cylinder Supercar, built in 2003, named after the company's Founder Enzo Ferrari using formula-one technology such as carbon fibre body, F1 Style sequential shift Transmission and carbon-ceramic Brakes Disk, also used are technologies not allowed in F1 such as active aerodynamics. After a downforce of 775Kg(1709lb) is reached at 300 Km/hr(186 mph) the rear wing is actuated by computer to maintain downforce.The Enzo's V12 engine is the first for a new generation of Ferrari. It is based on the architecture of the V8 found in sister-company Maserati's Quattroporte, using the same basic architecture and 104 mm bore spacing. This design will replace the former basic architecture seen in V12 and V8 engines used in mostother contemprorary Ferraris. the 2005 F430 is the second Ferrari to get a version of this new powerplant


The Enzo was initially announced at the 2002 Paris Motor Show with a limited production run of 349 units and priced at US$643,330. The company sentinvitations to existing customers, specifically, those who had previously bought the Ferrari F40 and Ferrari F50. All 349 cars were sold in this way before production began. Later, after numerous requests, Ferrari decided tobuild 50 more Enzos, bringing the total to 399.On November8, 2005, Ferrari announced that it would build one additional Enzo, bringingthe total to 400. The car, chassis #ZFFCZ56B000141920, was auctioned by Sotheby's Maranello Auction on June 28, 2005 to benefit survivors of the 2004 Tsunami for €950,000 (US$1,274,229), almost twice its list price. This sum was presented to Pope Benedict XVI, while Formula One driver Michael Schumacher gave the pope a steering wheel to commemorate the donation. This wheel included a plaque which read, "The Formula 1 World Champion's steering wheel to His HolinessBenedict XVI, Christianity's driver."



TheEnzo is a mid-engined car with a 43.9/56.1 front/rear weight distribution. The engine is Ferrari's F140 65° V12 with 4 valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams and variable valve timing. Bosch Motronic ME7 fuel injection is used and the engine is naturally aspirated. It displaces 5998 cm³ (366 in³) and produces 485 kW (651 hp/660 PS) at 7800 rpm and657 N·m (485 ft·lbf) at 5500 rpm.[2] The redline is 8200 rpm.[3]TransmissionThe transmissionis a 6-speed automated manual with paddles controlling an automated shiftingand clutch mechanism, with LED lights on the steering wheel telling the driverwhen to change gears with a shift time of just 150 ms.[2][4] The Enzo uses 483 mm(19 in) wheels and has 381 mm (15 in) Brembo disc brakes.


The EnZO can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour(62.5 mph) in 3.65 seconds and can reach 161 kilometers per hour(100 mph) in 6.6 seconds. The 1/4 mile(0.4 km) time is in the low 11 seconds and the top speed is estimated at 350 kilometers per hour(217 mph). It is rated at 8 mpg(29.4L/100km) in the city and 12 mpg(19.6 L/100km) on the highway.

Enzo's Popularity

TheEnzo was featured on the cover of Project Gotham Racing 2, in the game ForzaMotorsport, Test Drive Unlimited and Project Gotham Racing 3, also in Charlie'sAngels: Full Throttle. It has also been a Hot Wheels 1:18 and 1:64 die-castmodel and a 1:24 plastic model by Tamiya and Revell, as well as 1:10 scale LegoTechnic and 1:17 scale Lego models. It was also featured on the West CoastCustoms website. The Enzo now features along with other Ferrari's In the Segagame OutRun 2 and its followup, Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast. Also itappears in the anime Ah! My Goddess TV series and is driven on-screen around LosAngeles by Kelis in her Bossy music video.TheBritish automotive program Top Gear tried unsuccessfully to obtain anEnzo from Ferrari to test and review. However, an offer was made by Pink Floyddrummer Nick Mason to let the show use his Enzo, but only if Top Gearplugged his new book, Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd. HostJeremy Clarkson did not only drive the Enzo,but also managed to plug Mason's book several times during the segment. Theshow's test driver, The Stig then drove it, with a lap time of 1.19.0, whichmade it the fastest car the show had tested at the time. It is now currentlyfourth behind the Koenigsegg CCX, Pagani Zonda C12 F and the Maserati MC12respectively.In TwistedMetal: Head-On, the vehicle Crimson Fury resembles an Enzo Ferrari.

The next car will be Ferrari Latest offering for 2007, The 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

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